SodaStream agua carbonatada & Soda Maker, CO2 bote dentro, sabores, Botellas

pennyworth19 (360)  From Flat Rock, Alabama, Estados Unidos
It's in used condition. It has light spots, scuffs, and scratches on it. None of them are too major. It has a canister of CO2 already loaded up inside it. If you press the button at the top a little puff of gas shoots out the nozzle, so the SodaStream would seem to be in working order.
  • Brand SodaStream
  • Condition: Usado
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Current Bid Price: 22.29 EUR
37.76 EUR approx 42.34 USD
Condition Description: In used condition. Seems to be working fine. Please read description.

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pennyworth19 (360)
From Flat Rock, Alabama, Estados Unidos
goodsimport001 (1,281)
From Shenzhen, China
goodsimport001 (1,281)
From Shenzhen, China
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Soda Maker
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